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We own many beautiful Irish style AirBNB’s all across the country, but our favorite ones we own are in Northern California and Southern California. Let me tell you about a few of them.

We started with the one in Northern California. It was a little AirBNB that sat at the end of a long dirt road, surrounded by dense northern woods. It wasn’t anything special to look at but when you are serving breakfast at 8 am there isn’t much time for renovations, but they had to be done. This one was our first home and we sure had a lot of issues with it. One being as we were transporting a large shed on a truck to the home, the truck broke down and we had to have a mobile semi truck repair done. It was a long process, and after renovations in Sacramento, we bought a place in Orange County and started AirBNB’ing the Sacramento home. There was a lot of work that we had to do and ended requiring a dumpster rental Sacramento on site to clean out everything. We have found this one to be our best AirBNB so far, but everywhere we go things are always a learning process.

After we renovated our home in Orange County, Irvine specifically, and started the AirBNB process with that one, the ball was rolling, and now we were looking for great AirBNB homes going forward that we could custom with an Irish look to them. We ended up always needing a dumpster rental company when renovating, so this time we used an Irvine dumpster rental company. We wanted to keep in mind that we were not in Ireland, but in California, and Irish style fit the best with the vibe here. Most houses don’t fit the Irish style like our houses do.

It’s tough when you are looking for Irish style homes because sometimes they look too much like what you would see in Ireland or England, but not what I was looking for at all. I want something a little corny and tacky to match up with all of the extreme plastic surgery going on around it.

The house prices have kept me from getting an East Coast AirBNB going yet, but hopefully soon i will have my paper work done and can get rolling. For now though we have working hard on this one so let me tell you about it.

One of the first things I did after renovations started, was have a small house put at the end of the driveway just to be funny. Then I had that house painted green with two fake plastic feet sticking out of it so it looked like a leprechaun or something. The effect made most people laugh and wonder what they were looking at when they drove up, but most people drove right by because AirBNB’ing is all about location, location, location and this home isn’t on any main roads.

We chose this country road for one reason only, we wanted everyone to walk or drive past our little green house and know where they were going before getting there so we don’t see many tourists. The second reason is that this house was always rented, mostly by locals, but some tourists too. Mostly the people who live in this area are fairly wealthy and love to party at night, which was fine for me because I am not a morning person. Our most recent project is a home in Whittier, CA. We just finished with one of our last steps having a Los Angeles spray foam insulation company insulate our home. We are super happy with the work and the house should be comfy cozy for all our guests.